LTC President's Message

At LTC we call ourselves futuremakers. That means it's our priority to make a difference in the future of our students. Whether you're a student who's right out of high school, a student looking to change careers completely, or a student who just wants a taste of college, LTC is the right place to start your future.

When it comes to helping people find their career passions or add new skills to their resume, we are ready with real-world learning, industry-savvy faculty, and a knowledgeable, caring, and supportive staff. We're proud to say that 81% of LTC graduates find work in their field and 98% of our graduates are either satisfied or very satisfied with their LTC education and earn a median wage of more than $33,000 a year.

Not only are we here to help you unleash your potential, we are committed to creating a fostering environment and working each and every day to build a college experience that will take your career to new heights. That's why we have embraced the values of Community, Attitude, Respect, Environment, and Student success—LTC CARES. It all adds up to a great place for you to launch your future.

Make your future better at LTC.

President's Signature

Michael A. Lanser, Ed.D.

President's Office Staff
Heidi Soodsma
Executive Assistant

WTCS New North